Care & Removal of Your Face Paint, Glitter or Henna Tattoo

by Katy DeBra

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How to remove face paint:

•We use professional grade, water-based face paints. They remove easily with a baby wipe, face cream or oil (olive, almond, jojoba, etc.), makeup remover, or plain old soap and water.

•Some colors, like red or black, may leave a slight residue for a few hours, and require a second washing. Rubbing in some oil may speed removal.

About the glitter:

To add some extra sparkle, glitter sticks to wet face paint and stays on only while the paint is on. We use cosmetic grade glitter, flat pieces made for the skin, and avoid the eye area. If it does get in the eyes, it is generally non-irritating.


Caring for your Glitter Tattoo

•The glue softens when wet, so let it air dry after a shower or the pool.

•Try not to touch it while it’s wet.

•Don’t rub soap, lotion or oil directly on it.

To remove: use rubbing alcohol. Or soak it with oil few minutes before a shower, & it will roll off with your fingertips after the shower.

Glitter tattoos usually last about a week using the above care instructions. They may last longer if they're not on your hands, since we usually wash and use them more. I have seen them last, at least most of the design, for up to 2 - 3 weeks.

If you work out and perspire heavily, spend hours in the pool or ocean or at the beach, or rub lotion on them, they may start to come off sooner than a week.

Glitter tattoos are made with a special adhesive, made for skin and FDA Approved, embedded with cosmetic grade glitter. Cosmetic grade glitter is made for use on the skin of flat pieces (so it’s shinier) in non-bleeding colors. Craft glitter is usually made of round pieces, like grains of sand, and the colors may bleed onto the skin.

Enjoy your face paint and tattoos, and I hope to see you soon at another event.

Have a great day!


Henna paste stains the skin

a deep reddish brown. It takes 2 - 3 days to reach full darkness, maintains that for  several days, and then gradually fades away.

Most henna lasts about 2 weeks, with a natural

variation of 5 days to 4 weeks depending on a person’s chemistry, how long the paste is on, and care of the stain. Henna on the hand does not last as long because of more exposure to water and soap.  

See the aftercare instructions below to maximize how long your stain may last.

Caring for your Henna

Keep the paste on as long as possible, a minimum of 4 hours, 8 - 12 or longer is best.

•To keep the paste on, cover it with unwrapped cotton balls and first aid tape, or cover with a dark knee sock or bandana (dark so henna doesn’t stain fabric.)

•Remove the paste by rubbing a generous amount of oil into it (olive, almond, jojoba, etc.) and wiping off with paper towel, or scrape off with your fingernails or tips, or a wooden craft stick.

•Avoid water for as long as possible. Chemicals in tap water interfere with the staining process, as does

soap and Vitamin E in lotions. Put oil on it before exposure to water, especially in the first 3 days, to help the stain last longer and

darken completely.

•Avoid exfoliation or very tight clothing, shoe straps or jewelry. These may wear off the stain where they cross the tattoo, especially in warm weather.

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                                                   What is Henna?

Henna is a natural plant paste that stains the skin a deep reddish brown for an average of two weeks. We mix the paste fresh from henna powder (pulverized dried henna leaves), lemon juice and essential oils. We never use black henna, which has a dangerous, black, chemical hair dye added to make it black and immediately stain the skin.

From India to North Africa it has been used for over 5,000 years in many cultures, perhaps most famously in some Indian weddings where the bride’s hands and feet are completely covered in intricate designs. In Turkey, Iran and other countries, a simple dab of henna in the palm at a bridal shower brings good luck. In Morocco, henna is considered a “blessed” substance.

The paste has natural healing, cooling and antibacterial qualities. It takes 15 – 30 minutes to dry after application. During this time, care must be taken not to smudge the design, or that is what will appear on your skin. Once dry, spray or dab on the lemon sugar mixture to help the paste stick to your skin longer.

The stain gets darker for 24 – 48 hours after removing the paste from the skin. It starts out an orange color and progresses to a medium to deep reddish brown. During this time, do not use soap if you would like it to get as dark as possible. Moisturizing it with oil or lotion (with no Vitamin E) is great, especially before and after bathing.

There is no way to remove a henna tattoo. Scrubbing one’s skin will hasten the fading of it so that it may only last a few days to a week.


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