by Katy DeBra

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Face painting is classic fun for all ages! We can add sparkles (glitter) to fresh face paint for extra pizzazz.  For a large crowd, we can stick to quick simple designs, and for a more relaxed event we can also paint full faces. In both cases we encourage kid of all ages pick their own colors and placement.

We create special designs for holidays and theme parties.

We can also create more sophisticated designs for adults.

A design for a public art event, honoring the Kukama polka dot sculptures in Beverly Hills.

Groovy 60s retro

Face painting for Christmas

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Face Painting--Kids 2

Face Painting--Kids 1

Face Painting for grown-ups

How to remove face paint:
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To add some extra sparkle, glitter sticks to wet face paint and stays on only while the paint is on. We use cosmetic grade glitter, flat pieces made for the skin.

Contact Katy to entertain at your next event with face painting! Bookings are made by the hour, with a two-hour minimum. Please contact me to schedule a private appointment and for more details.


Face painting for Hannukah

The Jaguar girls!


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