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When you do lots of henna on people, you usually end up with extra paste. Paste is only fresh with staining power for a few days at room temperature and a few months in the freezer. A preponderance of leftover henna paste and inspiration from fellow henna artists, led me to create ornaments one year for friends and family. They were a huge hit.

As I made more, I found it difficult to find shapes and sizes I like. The butterfly shapes are my own designs that I had laser cut out of sustainable Norwegian wood. I have formed some of these into mobiles, and they brought me the inspiration for Fairy Lady and other goddess ornaments.

The last two years I started making henna paintings as well. I paint a background with acrylics, sometimes with an idea of what I want to draw on top and sometimes not, and then create henna drawing on top of it. It’s not quite like drawing or painting, more its own medium, being 3-D and squeezed out of a bottle. Interference and metallic colors produce amazing effects in the backgrounds. The dark brown henna paste sets them off perfectly. Most of these paintings are small, about 5” x 7” to 8” x 10”.

I also make henna on wood ornaments. Some are distinctly Christmas ornaments, while others are fun for anytime or have more of a talisman quality.

Henna paste

Fairy Lady henna ornament, front and rear views.

Angels and hands henna ornaments

Heart-shaped ornaments.

To see more photos of henna paintings and ornaments:

Henna Paintings

Henna Ornaments

Butterfly ornament/talisman, views of both sides.

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Henna paste