& Poetry

by Katy DeBra

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After many years of working in representational to semi-abstract styles, in 2010 I began painting without brushes. This is a brand new adventure for me into uncharted territory. A few of these new paintings are pictured here and more are in the Paintings 2 gallery to the left.

Fresh paintings and poems--and sometimes they pair up.

The paintings are a visceral rush of an image that has literally passed through me.

The words, the poems, stem from a much deeper feeling space--I never thought there were words in such a place.

I love to create custom art work and illustration. I work in a variety of media: acrylic paint, watercolor, pen and ink, pencil and mixed media.

I have completed some illustrations for package designs. I would love to work with people to create digital art for web sites, etc., to help bring more unique visuals to the digital world.

I met Kathryn at an event and when I saw her artwork, I just knew she was the perfect person to paint my logo on canvas. She made one large sign for my table (I make Jewelry and often do shows) and then smaller signs to put in stores that carry my line. She brought to life exactly what I wanted...and more.  The signs are magical. I just know Kathryn will bring much care, attention and love to any project that she does.

 -Jennifer Newton (Owner/Designer of Leela Grace Jewelry)


Crisp peace awaits


lingering with seeming devils

like so many

charming reminders.

Eco-friendly word shells

wander in best-intentioned minds

thinking location, location, location.

New system, new law, new way to organize my desk,

Repeated failure packed in

felt-lined horror.

It’s really simple. Nowhere to look

No word to write.

Desire sits naked, prepared, unpackaged.

Fresh to undress each time.

The gifts in our heart.

©Kathryn DeBra. All rights reserved.

Self Portrait, tryptich, acrylic on wood.

To see more photos of paintings, click on a  gallery below:

Paintings 2

Paintings 1

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Last night I dreamt that Van Gogh had

taken the most amazing ice pictures

frozen waves splattering chunks of water

like triangles in huge formations

like collections of bear claws mounded


ridges shining blue ice green tipped with

white snow

an explorer's nightmare and dream--when

did this wave break through here?

am I on solid ground?

©Kathryn DeBra. All rights reserved.

Kathryn DeBra, Ice Pictures. Acrylic on canvas, 20 x 24 inches. ©2010

Kathryn DeBra, Soundings. Acrylic on canvas, 14 x 18 inches. ©2010


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